Ananda's Journal, Entry 29

August 1st, 2260 – Dawn

I dreamt I was in El Sol Mercado, largest in the Ciudad Juarez freezone, in search of lunch. It was crowded this afternoon, bustling with humans and remnants. I was following my nose towards what was probably a street vendor – spicy, savory, delicious. I must have walked longer than the actual market’s width, but didn’t seem to be getting any closer. And then, stars. Everything was full of stars. I stumbled, disoriented by the simultaneous existence of solid ground and empty space under my feet. The aging remnant woman whose stall I had blundered into caught my shoulder with a sharp laugh.

“Perdón, señora.” I looked over her stock while I steadied myself, “¿Una limonada, por favor?” I wasn’t thirsty, but I hoped it would make up for my clumsiness.

“Sí, sí,” she replied and pointed me to an empty stool. “Siéntate querida, tienes estrellas en tus ojos.” – Stars in my eyes? I was trying not to stare at the vibrant green glow of the dying galaxy inside her torso, or the blue-white cluster of young stars in her left eye that contrasted with her yellow irises. “Tú también, Abuela,” I said.

She chuckled and shook her head at me, pouring my drink. “Chicos, no sabes nada.”

I accepted it from her, curious now. “¿Qué debo saber?” But she only winked her star-filled eye.

The dream cut off there, or at any rate, my memory does.

Ananda's Journal, Entry 29

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