Site 17

Session 33 - August 20, 2260

The Nameless Color


  • Agony 3
  • Arcane 1
  • Being 7
  • Chemisty 1
  • Clarity 2
  • Control 1
  • Creation 1
  • Detection 2
  • Energy 3
  • Inspiration 3
  • Malice 1
  • Void 2


  • Biology 1
  • Control 2
  • Detection 3
  • Energy 2
  • Stealth 1


  • Detection 3
  • Computer Tech 2
  • Control 3
  • Energy 3
  • Stealth 1


  • Arcane 2

175 CDP
Total: 5905

Kassil: Okay then.
Kassil: Everyone but Tierce is here, and she’s asleep after doing part of the move to her new temporary digs.
Kassil: Last session ended with everyone commenting about peculiar physical sensations they experienced while in ICS-667, a room that no longer seems to have any function worth mentioning.
Em: (still laments we can’t sleep there For Science :) )
Em: (but you can’t report data if you’re not alive alas)
Ananda: (You can sleep there if you want. I’ll stand watch.)
Kassil: I believe you were intending to move on toward DSS-447-K as your next goal?
Em nods
Ananda: The blue-coded room at the end of this corridor, yes.
Kassil: Okay.
Kassil: So, any questions? (Answers neither promised not certified.)
Ananda: (What’s your guesstimate for when the last of us completely loses touch with reality? ;) )
Kassil: Define reality, first.
Ananda: (Consensus reality.)
Kassil: In that case, you’re already hosed.
Ananda: (Oops. Somehow I missed that mile-marker.)
Kassil: (Or did you?)
Ananda: (Well, the NPCs still seem to agree that Weird Things Happen, here. And we’re still somewhat consistent with one another.)
Kassil: All right then. If everyone’s done growing as people and evolving as mutants, you’re leaving the melted room of weird sensations.
Alasdair walks a little faster than is strictly necessary to get out of the strangely melted section.
Ananda is, yes. As quietly and observantly as possible, given the evidence of security breach just outside.
Em: Follows in her typical wont as rearguard ninja wannabe
Kassil: The hallway is exactly as you passed it on the way into the room, reaching the main passage with no trouble.
Ananda will continue south, if there are no further indications of fighting to study.
Alasdair follows a couple steps behind Ananda
Em follows as well
Kassil: The southerly stretch extended for roughly two hundred meters; Em and Ananda both note that the blast doors appear to be getting heavier after the halfway mark, and there’s a glaze of some kind of the ceramacrete. The air also picks up a faint smell of organic decay.
Ananda sniffs.
Alasdair stops to use a sample kit to examine, record, and capture some of the strange glaze.
Ananda: (Is the door at the end of the hall heavy-duty, or just a door?)
Kassil: The door at the end of the hall is actually around a small corner. You can’t see it just yet.
Kassil: Alasdair, you manage to chip loose some flakes of the glaze. It’s glittery in the available light, with a subtle rainbow effect.
Ananda ghosts onwards, at earliest opportunity. She doesn’t quite wait for Alasdair to do so.
Alasdair: ( :P )
Em follows, wondering again at the scale of the incursion that overwhelmed the base
Ananda: (Curiousity has her by the throat. ;) )
Alasdair raises an eyebrow as he scrambles to catch up to Ananda.
Kassil: As Ananda approaches, the edge of the side-passage to the door comes into view; it appears melted at first, until enough comes into view that the faintly pink color of it becomes clear, with a fine layer of dark-hued fuzz on it. Whatever the stuff is, it grew through the door, engulfing the massive bank-lock vault door, and appears to cover surfaces of the room beyond.
Em: Am I familiar with any natural process of oxidation/chemical spills with construction materials that leavea a pink residue?
Kassil: You’re familiar with plenty, and you’re pretty sure this isn’t just a stain or smear.
Ananda pauses and looks at the fuzz, nonplussed.
Alasdair squints and frowns at the fuzz.
Em: So this isn’t some arcane crystalization from acid or other corrosion or something?
Kassil: You’re quite sure it’s something else, Em.
Alasdair: ( The door’s open, then? )
Kassil: Yes.
Kassil: The door’s probably wedged pretty firmly, at that; the substance the fuzz is growing from has filled the area around the hinges with half-melted loops and sheets.
Em blinks “this looks like hair. Any way of telling if it’s attached to some sort of creature or something still alive ?”
Em gets out her respirator given her wretchedly weak lungs from her inbred cultist forbears
Alasdair half turns toward Ananda. “Want a sample?”
Ananda is already digging for a sample container. “Was just going for one, yeah.”
Ananda: “Have a better method than just cutting some off?”
Alasdair raises a hand and separates a roughly palm-size chunk from the wall and floats it over to Ananda.
Kassil: The segment comes loose with a soft sucking and tearing sound, both the detached piece and the hole dribbling a thick crimson liquid that looks like half-congealed blood.
Ananda holds the sample container open until the material is tidily packed inside.
Alasdair: “Juicy.”
Ananda: “Smells like something in here’s been dead a while. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was this.”
Em: …so this fuzz grew through the door?
Kassil: you all notice that the hole on the wall slowly stops oozing after about half a minute, with a thin white film forming over the damage.
Kassil: Through the open door.
Ananda eyes the ‘healing’ wound. “Huh.”
Alasdair: ( Oh. Through the doorWAY. I was a lot more horrified than was warranted. )
Em: (hopefully my earlier questions make more sense now )
Em: (They were attacked by….feral muppets.. o_o)
Kassil: There’s no indication as to whether or not the door was closed when the material originally pushed through the doorway.
Alasdair taps his chin and hmms at the scabbing wound.
Alasdair: “I wonder…”
Kassil: (For one, the surfaces of both the doorway and the door are all enclosed in the fleshy mass.)
Kassil: (Plenty of room to walk though if you want, though.)
Em: Hold it. the way its reacting. is it still alive ….?
Ananda uses the tip of her dagger to prick the surface of the runaway skin(?), watching carefully for any sign of response. Kassil: A droplet of red liquid wells up where Ananda pricks the material, but there doesn’t seem to be an direct reaction. The goo dries into a scab-like crust with surprising speed.
Ananda next uses her blade to try and lift some of it away from the wall. See if it’s the same on both sides.
Alasdair points a finger at another nearby patch of the stuff and tries to freeze solid a fist-sized chunk.
Alasdair: 62 damage
Kassil: Ananda, you manage to pry the edge up, but it appears to have grown into the wall – you can see thin, root-like structures stretching as you try to pry the mass loose.
Ananda takes pictures.
Kassil: There’s a shimmer of thermal energy around Alasdair’s hand as he flash-freezes a fist-sized portion of the fleshy material. Frost rimes over it, and the material peels back from the frozen part, dribbling more crimson liquid.
Em: Would you like me to pull the whole bit off the wall and hold it in the air for you to study, Ananda?
Ananda: “Not at the moment, thanks.”
Ananda paces a bit.
Alasdair: “I wouldn’t suggest handling it directly. Whatever it is, it’s alive.”
Ananda: “What it puts me in mind of is a cancer of some sort.”
Kassil: There’s a clunk as the frozen piece falls away from the wall. The hole is already partly sealed with whitish new growth.
Alasdair: “Well, it wouldn’t be that hard to clean the hallway, at least.”
Em: maybe Alasdair and I should just yank the whole thing free and we haul it back to the site for study. it’s kind of beyond our field analysis abilities I think?
Ananda: "Not yet. Let’s have a look inside, before we disturb it too much.
Kassil coughs.
Kassil: Em?
Em: (but it’s PINK. And evil )
Kassil: It isn’t just out here.
Ananda: (It covers the entire floor inside, yes?)
Alasdair: “I, uh, don’t really want to walk on it.”
Em: (It couldn’t be more than an elephant or few worth? Alasdair and I are up to that I figured?)
Em: (maybe with rest breaks…?)
Kassil: It more-or-less, as you peer through the doorway, engulfs the floor, walls, and dangles in ropy strands from the roof. Oddly, there appear to be intact computer workstations at a few points around the room.
Ananda grins. “Make us etherial, then we’ll float. And quite possibly walk out through it, if it gets uppity.”
Kassil: The most impressive part, however, is how the fleshy strands wrap around yellow-white bars that form a cage around a sizzling white point of light in the middle of the room.
Alasdair shudders. “What if something in there did this to an employee?”
Em: (Spell: Transmute Flesh to Pink o_o)
Kassil: As you all watch, there’s a discharge that resembles lightning from the point of light to the bars; the ropy strands wrapped around the specific bar twitch and contract in what looks like a muscle spasm.
Ananda: “If you see anything in there that says ‘Eat Me’ or ‘Drink Me’, don’t.”
Kassil: Visual Detection checks from anyone looking into the room?
Ananda is currently appraising the room for things worth investigating.
Em: Is trying to figure out if there’s any sign the computers are powered on, and then, what the heck that point of light looks like, does it resemble the thing that flew off from the locker room?
Kassil: The area at the base of the ‘cage’ and the fleshy section of the floor directly under the point of light appears to be stained with a goo that you can’t quite name a color for.
Kassil: The computers appear to be powered up, and the point of light looks nothing like the flying purple crystal.
Kassil: Ananda, particularly, notices that she can’t manage to focus directly on the point of light; it’s as if she’s trying to look into her own blind spot.
Ananda frowns and turns her head back and forth trying to get a good look at the light source.
Em: If this thing doesn’t have a network connection, going ethereal will make analysis hard. (So the cage with the lightning generator in the middle of the room fits in as sort of the centerpiece the computers are arranged around?)
Kassil: Em: Yes.
Kassil: So far, the only reaction you’ve seen from the fleshy stuff is when the discharge hit the bar.
Em: Alasdair, could you make some sort of fake-human decoy to see how the pink stuff reacts to being tread on? (or for that matter if the thing in the cage will shoot lightning at anything moving near it)
Ananda: “It’s not lightning. Smells wrong.”
Alasdair: “Sadly, my nigh-godlike powers don’t yet allow me to create lving beings. I consider it a personal failing.”
Ananda looks wry, but says nothing.
Em: What about something the size and weight of a person , kind of like a golem?
Em: maybe do it up with mannikin like covering for extra realism
Kassil: The first hole, which Alasdair made ripping the substance loose, seems to have filled in with pale, uneven scar tissue.
Alasdair: “I could manage some inert stone or water.”
Em: I’m thinkin the pink stuff is hopefully not very intelligent. the light-entity I’m less sure about, I presume if it has a mind, it’s not letting you speak to it ?
Ananda: “Hn. So why don’t we just pull this stuff off the wall and floors, and fold it up to give ourselves space to walk?”
Alasdair: “I’m not mentally poking a living carpet. I don’t need to know how lax the maid service has been these last 150 years.”
Em: (The volume it’s covering is quite extensive ?like at least an elephant’s worth?)
Ananda: (And the room is about 30×30 meters.)
Em: Understandable, Alasdair, but what about the thing throwing energy bolts at the pink thing?
Kassil: (Mainly because those were fine, hair-like ‘roots’ at the edge, but the only structural material you see are the yellow-white shafts in the middle the fleshy substance is looped around. It’s supporting its own probably-fairly-impressive weight on the walls and floors.)
Em: Knowing if its a genie in a bottle or just a mad rat with energy abilities could be handy especially if it shoots through the bars at us…
Alasdair: “Okay, but stand behind me for a bit.”
Em does so with relief and does her best to imitate a boulder
Ananda moves back to observe.
Alasdair summons a cascade of harmless high-voltage low-amperage bolts to wash over the pink stuff in the hall.
Kassil: The material twitches and jiggles as the electrical energy washes over it, giving the impression of a massive blob of pink gelatin having muscle spasms.
Ananda watches, faintly disgusted.
Alasdair: “Well, that puts me off Jello for at least a year.”
Kassil: (Or, alternately, a uge mass of quivering Spam in a mild earthquake.)
Ananda: “Yes.”
Ananda: (With hair.)
Ananda: “Moving like that, I’d guess that it has no rigid internal structures at all.”
Alasdair: “But some manner of muscle action.”
Kassil: There’s some residual twitching for about five minutes after Alasdair finishes Wielding.
Ananda: “Yes. Think you can paralyze it?”
Alasdair: “Maybe this is someone’s answer to an animal-friendly steak?”
Ananda barks a laugh. “Could be.”
Kassil: There’s a crackling sound, and a very high-pitched whistling, before some goo splatters to the floor under the point of light.
Kassil: It’s a color of some kind, but you can’t fit a name to it.
Alasdair hmms. “I could try. Not sure it’s a singular organism, exactly.”
Ananda: “Hmm.” She paces some more.
Em: (returns and tries to scan with her pcomm in case the thing in the cage is unjammed and happens to send/receive on any frequency she can with her tools and pcomm)
Kassil: Your Pcomm is surprisingly quiet. You can pick up a thin signal of some kind, but the data is either gibberish or heavily encrypted.
Kassil: It doesn’t seem to be coming from the point source, when you try triangulating.
Ananda notices Em fiddling with her P-Comm and has an idea. Gets her own and sets it to record video…
Em tries to decrypt the “hypothetical signal”
Kassil: Em matches the signal up with the network signal from the residential rooms on the top floor, just attenuated and somewhat garbled.
Alasdair tries to paralyze the quivering mass with fear.
Em: Any way of assessing what’s causing the inteference?
Em: (Images of the Great Maw flood its soul)
Kassil: A section of the mass out to roughly nine meters from Alasdair quivers and stiffens.
Kassil: The ‘paralyzed’ surface develops a distinctly pebbled texture.
Kassil: Em, not really. You could record the signal for a while and see what you can come up with on later analysis.
Alasdair pauses to recharge his Endurance while the scientists ponder.
Em does so
Kassil: (Soon, Em is going to have to start buying implanted memory.)
Em: (I want all the data. is there I could boost the signal, possibly with wielding assistance (MORE POWER!) to reach back to my workstation at St. Mary’s?)
Kassil: (Nope. Saint Mary is well out of range. You could always connect to it if you leave it running, though, when you’re sure you’re connecting to it and not being futzed with by a huge mass of rock overhead.)
Kassil: So…
Kassil: Ananda?
Ananda makes a terse gesture with her right hand, and floats her P-Comm above it.
Kassil: And Ananda successfully levitates her P-comm with a faintly visible ripple of kinetic force.
Ananda: “Em, can I patch the video from this into your P-Comm?”
Em: Certainly
Alasdair is curious to see where this is going.
Ananda does so.
Ananda then flits her P-Comm around the room in a full circuit.
Ananda manipulates it by equal parts what she can see, and the video feed on Em’s screen.
Kassil: (For a group full of danger-oblivious types, you’re acting /almost/ as paranoid as the Wastelanders.)
Ananda: (Animate cancer is squicky.)
Kassil: (Tsk. Declaring it cancer without any proper biopsies.)
Alasdair: ( Living carpet is apparently where Alasdair draws the line. )
Kassil: (Alasdair is on his way to becoming as paranoid as Nik.)
Em: (I think its justified given we have a mysterious possible wielder somehow imprisoner by strange eldritch looking monster.)
Kassil: (Only Nik has never seen the bizarre shit Alasdair has.)
Kassil: Em: This assessment fascinates me.
Em: (plus its pink for extra spooky factor. This feels extra unnatural which just ramps up my paranoia…)
Kassil: It’s only faintly pink. _
Kassil: And scar-tissue-white in the places where you’ve damaged it.
Ananda: (Does anything interesting come up on the video feed that we can’t see from the door?)
Kassil: Depends. Where are you aiming it?
Ananda: Making a circuit of the room at head-height, as though I was walking it.
Kassil: Ananda, you can make out that the computer terminals all appear to be logged in.
Kassil: Also, whenever you aim your P-comm at the point-source, the display gets staticky.
Ananda: “Huh. Someone forgot to log out.”
Ananda has a look at whatever’s on the screens.
Em: Oh that’s what you’re doing! Clever. it does let us get some assessment if going in there has any particularly good data shinies worth the risk
Kassil: They appear to be open to measurement screens. Most of them are displaying complex wave patterns or scrolling lists of numbers you’re not able to identify at a glance, but a few have text files open behind some of the foreground windows.
Ananda: (Can I manipulate the keyboards with my current Effect, or just the P-Comm?)
Em: "May I try to operate the keyboards and inputs from here with my telekinesis? I’d like to see if this is linked to the rest of the network, there was that mysterious “secondary network” I was searching for earlier, this may be it…
Kassil: Ananda: Your control isn’t fine enough to manipulate things with that level of dexterity.
Ananda: “Go for it. Just tell me what screen I should point the camera at.”
Kassil: Em might be able to pull it off if she tries hard enough.
Kassil: Or she might break the keyboard.
Em: If I do, and we get closer, I can probably fix it
Em: Since I have electronics too. or is that a reasonable assessment?
Kassil: You might be able to fix it, yes.
Ananda: (Or just swap a keyboard from another workstation.)
Alasdair: “Or we just peel the carpet back enough to get at it directly.”
Em: Okay, I’ll try.
Em: I’m leery about going near the thing in the cage without knowing more about its nature
Em: Energy/Control: here goes everything
Kassil: And she coasts just over the finish line.
Em: I check the open text file first, just to see what it says
Kassil: Em flexes her fingers, wrapped in a faint, shimmering field of silvery energy, as a matching bubble of energy flickers into existence around the keyboard in question.
Ananda focuses the camera as appropriate.
Kassil: The open log file is a plain-English translation of what’s going on here; it seems that whoever was last using this workstation was a researcher of dimensional anomalies and apertures, working with their team to find ways to stabilize and exploit a small fracture in the multiversal structure. Experiment logs indicate that what they’re doing is mostly harmless – opening a tiny window onto highly divergent realities where the laws of physics are completely different. They’ve only managed to stabilize it for about five seconds at a time, according to the logs, and every now and then the alternates have some kind of native life that tries to get through the opening.
Em: “mostly harmless” isn’t o_o
Ananda: (“Mostly harmless.” Where have I heard that before…)
Kassil: Without fail, the logs indicate, the lifeforms prove unable to survive in this universe and disintegrate.
Kassil: When unstable, things still try to get through, but apparently the unstable anomaly acts like trying to crawl through a monofilament fractal cheese grater.
Ananda: (Squishy.)
Kassil: The final log cuts off partway through in a mush of random letters.
Ananda finishes reading. “Uh…huh.”
Em: Here’s the most recent video log on system….
Kassil: The file opens up to a steady view of the room, sans any living carpeting and plus several people at the bottom of the view. The image is a bit staticky, and there’s notably nothing caging the anomaly.
Kassil: There is, however, a complex-looking metal device above and below it.
Em watches in trepidation and sympathy for poor dead researchers
Alasdair wonders if he could sell the upcoming events as a horror Vid.
Kassil: The video continues on for a few minutes, with a ‘test run’ being declared by a tall man with a crew cut at one of the other terminals; the static goes away during that interval, and you can hear them rattling off information on the universe on the other side, which is apparently under the influence of an incredibly high level of gravity.
Kassil: After the anomaly destabilizes again, the crew go about logging and translating the data they’ve collected when you hear an incredibly low thrumming sound being picked up by the recording system. No one seems to notice it.
Ananda: (Below the range of hearing of normal people?)
Kassil: Ananda estimates it to be fairly well into the infrasonic.
Kassil: About twenty seconds later, the humming has started to make the picture vibrate very slightly; a dazling pulse of black-and-white energy bursts up from the floor, covered by a writhing mass of rainbow lightning as it sweeps from floor to roof in about a second.
Alasdair: ( Passing through the anomaly? )
Kassil: It takes about two seconds for screaming to break out, as you see the research team all begin to soften and slump toward the ground, out of sight. A researcher you haven’t seen – a woman with black hair and pale skin – lurches around in front of the camera, already looking half-melted before she collides with the camera and the recording ends.
Kassil: (Yes, but to no clear visible effect on the anomaly.)
Alasdair: “Well.”
Kassil: (The only voice before the screaming starts is the same male who called the test, who gets out a “What the f-”.)
Ananda eyes the pink carpet, speculatively. “Alasdair, could you check whether anything in there has a mind left to make inquiries of? Don’t interface with them, just listen.”
Alasdair grimaces. “Em, what’s the last date on the logs? If they’ve been like… this for decades, I’m not eager to see what’s left.”
Kassil: The video log is dated 150 years ago.
Em: However, if things come through her periodically
Em: I’d tend to think we’d find traces of a few (or dozens?) of these things or similar under this one
Alasdair: “Oh no. No no no. Not going to happen. That’s a mystery I’m not unwrapping.”
Alasdair: “I’ll put them all to rest, but that’s as far as it goes.”
Em pokes around trying to find out what routines control that cage around the hole, and what the cage does
Kassil: Em: The cage didn’t exist in the footage.
Alasdair: ( Or where it even came from. )
Ananda: “Hnnnn… That’s the same date as the video from the place with the pillar and the Geists. Geisten? Whatever.”
Em: yes, but it looks in the footage like there’s somethign around the hole that might have been the undeployed cage?
Em: if so, I want to look for the controls for it in the system
Kassil: Anyone who looks, though, can see that the fleshy mass thickens near the anomaly, about where the weird-looking mechanical thing was in the video.
Kassil: It looked more like two polished metal disces held in place by a lot of struts and cables, rather than an undeployed cage.
Alasdair: ( Is there an obvious structure holding the cage in place or is it just floating there? )
Em: Ah. Well, still the cage came from somewhere, I’m going to check if there’s some sign in the computer system if it controls some cryptic hardware, and if there’s any helpfiles or documentation on whatever it is?
Kassil: Poking around, Em can find what appears to be a control system for the ‘Dimensional Anomaly Stabilization System’.
Ananda retrieves and tinkers with her P-Comm. “The footage of the original Geist happened about two hours after this. Maybe we have the source of that massive Omega spike that kicked off events there?”
Kassil: (The cage appears to be anchored in place by the looping strands of flesh at the top and bottom.)
Em: (waits for the return of the spy eye unless we’re done investigating this …)
Kassil: (More than one person has Being and Insight, if Ananda is REALLY curious… ;) )
Ananda: (Yeah, I’m thinking about that…)
Ananda returns her camera to its former position.
Kassil: There’s another crackling-whistling sound, and more goo of nameless color splatters under the anomaly.
Em: Should we back up and see what happens if we briefly release the containment field? maybe we could help the thing go home?
Alasdair shoves an open palm toward the cage and sanitizes it, evaporating the flesh above and below it.
Kassil: Damage?
Ananda: “I doubt there’s anything that has a home to go to.”
Alasdair: 61 Void damage
Kassil: A column of smoky dark energy links the floor and roof around the anomaly for a moment, a soft hissing the only sound as the cage and the flesh holding it crumble into dust, exposing the gleaming metal structures from the video.
Kassil: The anomaly is completely unperturbed, while the goo that keeps dribbling out boils wildly at the touch of the void energy without seeming to crumble away.
Alasdair: “Huh. They were bones. Interesting.”
Ananda raises eyebrows. "Innteresting.
Kassil: After the Void effect ceases, the goo subsides again, smeared across the lower metal disc.
Kassil: The edges of the flesh are leaking crimson, although already pale scar tissue is forming across the sharply-cut surface.
Ananda sends her P-Comm around that, to record the devices above and below. (Since Em doesn’t seem to be using it at the moment.)
Alasdair: “Should we clean out the room and do some proper investigation?”
Kassil: (Or does Ananda intend to mindscan the meat?)
Ananda: “What’s left to investigate except the ..stuff that’s probably not people any more?”
Alasdair: “The logs of dimensional instabilities might yield some important discoveries in the nature of our universe.”
Ananda: “I’m sure Em can pull those into a data stick without our actually needing to go in there.”
Ananda glances at Em for confirmation.
Em: Well, I’d like to work at the system a bit more, see if can find out if this is the secondary network. But yes, if we just want to take the directly relevant data and leave that should be feasible. (how much storage do I have left? given I would have emptied earlier trips’ finds onto the mainframe at home?)
Kassil: Em would need to spend some time coaxing the data into something she could copy – these systems aren’t anything close to store-bought hardware. Still, an hour or so and she could probably retrieve all data from the systems, or even completely copy the entire system into a backup.
Em: Could we do it with this telekinetic operation setup?
Ananda: (Not a particularly high cost, except for the fact that this area smells like something rotting.)
Kassil: If you wanted to extended the duration of your effect, Em, you probably could.
Kassil: (As well as Ananda’s wielding to keep her camera floating.)
Em: I admit, knowing what’s behidn the bars, I endorse that solution
Kassil: The bars that no longer exist? :D
Ananda: Exactly.
Em: Ooops. I thought the bars had been scoured, not disintegrated o_o
Em: yes.
Em: let’s do this in this manner. do I need to make another check?
Kassil: The bars were made of bone. They went with the flesh.
Kassil: And the only time you don’t need to make a Wielding check is if you absolutely cannot fail it.
Em: okay, well, I’ll keep this one going for another, what 30 minutes left, Ananda will need to pass her check when her duration runs out
Em: My check, presuming Ananda doesn’t injure herself …
Em: ouch
Kassil: Missed by two.
Em: how bad do I mess things up
Ananda: (You do not short-circuit.)
Kassil: Hmm… Looks like you lucked out.
Kassil: You didn’t do anything troublesome, but the range dropped to Self.
Kassil: You can give yourself an awesome backrub, but that’s about it.
Kassil: You can try it again, if you’d like.
Ananda: Hah.
Ananda refreshes her telekinetic effect, when the time comes.
Em breathes deeply and tries again, certain she just needs to reach a bit more
Kassil: Well done.
Em has to resist the urge to make some lewd pelvic thrusts in the direction of the dangerously situated machinery against the potential backrub effect >_>
Em: so computer tech roll now?
Alasdair: ( but it’s the pelvic thrusts that really drive em insaaaaane. )
Em: or it just gets done?
Em: (fistbump)
Ananda: (If a CompTech roll is needed, we could add buffs in the spirit of making you more efficient.)
Kassil: You pulled it off the second time. You can make a Computer Tech check, now, to connect Ananda’s P-comm to the system and download the data. (So if Alasdair wants to do the buffing…)
Alasdair: ( Oh, yeah. Such buffs will I giiive. )
Em stands by to receive her Awesome by Proxy
Ananda parks her P-Comm in front of whichever terminal Em is working on, and leaves it there.
Alasdair makes everyone even more awesome.
Alasdair cranks Em’s Thought State into Deific.
Kassil hammers out a drumroll.
Alasdair cranks Em’s Emotion State into Zen Master.
Em: So…what’s the bottom line?
Kassil: I believe he’s still augmenting you.
Alasdair cranks Em’s CompTech into 1337.
Alasdair cranks Em’s CompTech further into 1337.
Em: I will ferret like there’s a room filled with nothing but pvcpipe and mice loose in them.
Ananda waits for Em to thoroughly enter data-ferret mode, watching the former-persons but not really seeing them.
Alasdair leans against a wall, recharges, and plays a game on his P-Comm while Em does her thing.
Em thinks the longer we explore the site, the more we learn about the extent of “Worst Case Scenario”
Kassil: Em, in her superhumanly augmented state, finds it easy to discern how the operating system is a wildly modified and evolved version of FreeBSD, and extracts the entire system’s relatively small data footprint, safely sealing it into a virtual machine on Ananda’s P-comm.
Ananda sighs and turns to Alasdair. “If whatever’s left of these people,” she flicks a hand at the mass of flesh, “is suffering, then we should put them out of their misery. But we don’t know that.”
Alasdair nods. “But, if it happened to you, wouldn’t you want someone to make sure anyway?”
Ananda quirks an eyebrow, “I’d expect my remains to be used as a specimen, until every bit of information had been squeezed out of them.”
Ananda: “If there aren’t minds left in there, we have a room full of specimens.”
Ananda: “It would be wasteful to destroy them needlessly.”
Kassil: (Alasdair just has the heebie-jeebies.)
Alasdair: “Yes, and if an experiment fails, it should be euthanized quickly and humanely.”
Em: Good news guys. There’s a cryptic little network file in here that may be the key to that “secondary network” I’ve been looking for. Bad news is I would need my mainframeat St. Mary’s to confirm/refute that hope.
Ananda: “Just because it didn’t turn out the way you hoped doesn’t mean it’s failed. That still depends on whether it’s suffering.”
Em: Well, it’s hard to say that its a failure for sure. There may be unpredictable psychological/neurological effects from this sort of transmogrification
Ananda spares a glance and a nod for Em.
Alasdair smirks at Em. “Which Saint Mary’s?”
Em: I mean, when you start splicing another reality into ours and changing the operating parameters it becomes very fraught to take anything for granted…
Em: of course, these might be extremely dangerous to work with too
Em looks wry "Whichever version still has my Stuff. An extra Me running around, if she’s not much crazier than I am would be an asset…
Alasdair: "I would suggest cramming as much of this “meat” into a sample container as we can and putting the rest to, er, rest. We still don’t know if the presumed Omega effect had some lasting contagious element to it."
Em: (Do we all know Serek’s an Omega initiate?)
Kassil: One would hope, since she animated a rat corpse.
Alasdair: ( Party trick, nothing more. ;) )
Em: (I do love your sense of humour :) )
Em: Serek, you’re famliar with Omega, do you have any idea if we should be worried about contagion?
Kassil: Serek is unfamiliar with the idea of Omega energy being infectuous.
Alasdair: “Does that black-and-whte flashy rainbow thing on the video jive with an Omega release?”
Em: Well you know…we could try hooking up some sort of Mind Machine Interface gear to one of these, back at base.
Em: Then we could communicate safely without having to risk murder or brain burn
Em: so I would say take one back to base now since it is a somewhat urgent and dangerous matter, and then come back for the others (or their euthanization/disposal) immediately after?
Kassil: As far as Serek can tell, the energy in the video doesn’t really seem to have any kind of Source alignment, but she’s never seen a release of Wielding energy on that kind of scale.
Em: That’s my suggestion anyway
Kassil: Em: One of what?
Alasdair: “I’m not sure I follow your categorization of ‘one of these.’ It seems like a giant, comingled entity at this point.”
Kassil: The entire room is an integral mass.
Em: Oh.
Kassil: There’s some differentiation in the hue of individual areas of skin tone and hair color, but they’re broad areas.
Em: So I guess we need to bring the MMI gear here then….
Em: unless I can cobble something together with my kit?
Kassil: And you’d need to find something to hook it into.
Ananda: “…What would you attach it to?”
Em: Experiment. Try various regions of tissue, this isn’t a perfectly homogenous mass is it?
Em: it might well fail, but it might work
Alasdair: “I’m not sure what more there is to learn that a full sample container wouldn’t tell us back at the lab. It’ll show female human DNA with some likely cancer mutation and protein synthesis issues.”
Em: Though I’d ask for some support people for computer tech because it might be challenging to decode the results…
Kassil: (Alasdair, desperately trying to avoid any kind of mental contact.)
Em: (with good reason! )
Ananda gives a brief headshake, “Takes too long. We could either hover over it, or pass the buck.”
Ananda: “If anyone else was willing to come down here and assist in the first place.”
Ananda pushes off of the wall she’s been leaning on, and cracks her knuckles.
Alasdair shrugs, “They’d be murdered and eaten by the thing stalking us from the shadows.”
Ananda: “That, too.”
Em: Ah, is there some new threat after us, Alasdair ?
Ananda: “It won’t feel right to do this without having checked. Whatever assistance you can give, Alasdair?”
Alasdair: “No, just the thing that’s been watching us since we got back down here.”
Alasdair shields Ananda’s mind as best he can (+5 bonus on Will Resist checks).
Ananda gives Alasdair an Asian-styled bow. She starts to use the dojo version of it, but corrects herself.
Ananda: “Alright then…”
Em “May your skills suffice” she says quietly but earnestly
Ananda braces herself and holds a mental finger to the wind.
Em: (Dead average, could have been worse >_> )
Ananda: (I made this an easy check so that I wouldn’t get +duration as a failure state. >_> )
Ananda blinks. “Echoes. Some lot of them were thinking ‘The Engine’.”
Ananda nods to Alasdair, “The sample we’ve got will suffice. Go ahead and clean this up.”
Alasdair: “Okay, but you two should stand around the corner. Just in case.”
Kassil: (Area up 4 steps, sterilize this entire level of the Site.)
Ananda shrugs and goes. She doesn’t want to see this.
Em puts a hand on Ananda’s shoulder for a moment “that was brave. Sometimes, tragedy is.” and follows.
Ananda shrugs to Em, “Someone had to.”
Alasdair: ( What’s the distance to and dimensions of the room? )
Kassil: From outside, you have about 4 meters of Flesh. The room itself is 30×30 and about 15m high.
Alasdair sets of a Void bomb in the room, obliterating all life out into the hallway.
Alasdair: 59 Void damage
Kassil: There’s a soft hissing sound as the thing that used to be a team of people disintegrates, crumbling into a fine grey silt. The main bulk of it is destroyed, with a few scraps in the corners that quickly lose whatever blood-equivalent was in them, wilting where they sit. Countless holes and pits scar the walls, roof, and floor of the room in their wake.
Kassil: The ooze under the anomaly boils and churns wildly for several seconds before settling down, this time.
Ananda listens. Nods to herself, once.
Kassil: Okay, then.
Alasdair lets out a heavy sigh and turns back to the group. “Done or do you want to see what the flesh was engulfing?”
Ananda: “I’ll pass. Em?”
Em takes a look and murmurs quietly to Alasdair “is that ooze still extradimensional material?”
Alasdair: “Seems so. Might be worth taking back with us.”
Em: Indeed but…is it alive itself…?
Kassil: If nothing else, there’s the fact that it clearly has a color, but attempting to determine what the color is even like is impossible.
Alasdair: “It’s not alive. If it was, it would be been obliterated by now.”
Em: (If we’ve freed the Colour out of Space I am going to go flee to the pocket dimension with the ‘angel’ and serve it o_o)
Alasdair offers Em a sample kit.
Ananda: (Ha!)
Kassil: (Oh, come on, you think there’s anything that harmless in here? :D )
Alasdair: ( It’s all a matter of degrees. )
Ananda: (We already carted out the meatsack, before we knew what it was.)
Ananda: (That’s a class 5 biohazard incident waiting to happen.)
Alasdair: ( At least. )
Alasdair waggles the sample kit at Em.
Em has a go at collecting some, not being too famliar with the technique. She DOES however, try using telekinesis (same check as before )
Alasdair slides up to Ananda as soon as Em’s around the corner. “So, if you’d like to talk about it, just let me know. I’ve got some experience in the area and I’ve been known to make a not-unpalatable cup of tea.”
Kassil: Em finds the goo weirdly difficult to handle.
Em: It is not amicable to telekinesis ? o_O
Ananda nods, “Thanks. I’ll keep it in mind.” She’s unusually subdued.
Kassil: It keeps sliding through her telekinetic grasp, but she finally manages to get some of it into a container. It’s almost like she’s trying to use her hands to carry warm, churned-up jello.
Kassil: A little perturbingly, once she caps the container, the goo gathers into a sphere in the middle, not touching any of the sides, and doesn’t move from that central spot even if she shakes it violently.
Alasdair gives Ananda’s shoulder a companionable squeeze before peeking around the corner at Em’s antics.
Ananda moves a few steps off and sits on the floor to meditate.
Em struggles with it patiently and secures the cap on the sample container with TK after she’s done. she puts the case down with it nearby.
Em: Can I use void to scour the container off of anything icky/residue?
Alasdair checks his P-Comm.
Kassil: Oh, you didn’t get any on the outside.
Kassil: It was tricky, but all the goo you hefted went in.
Em puts her pack down and puts it in the middle of the back of it with the TK before letting the effect go
Alasdair closes his eyes and sighs before finally putting his P-Comm away.
Em rejoins the others
Ananda gets back to her feet and indicates the hall with a tilt of her head. “Shall we?”
Kassil: So, what now?
Alasdair checks his map. “Off to MR-068?”
Em: Pray the therapist is more useful for this than my other concerns. And off to MR-068.
Ananda: “Yes.”
Ananda leads on.
Alasdair follows on next to Ananda.
Kassil: Okay, then. We shall pick up next time with your approach to that room.
Meatfloor awards 175 blood-stained CDP for all.


Kassil Jssra

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