Site 17

Session 31 - August 12-19, 2260



  • Being 4
  • Clarity 1
  • Inspiration 3
  • Void 1


  • Detection 1


  • Computer Tech 2
  • Detection 2
  • Electronics 1


  • Detection 1

165 CDP
Total: 5565

Em: btw, did we get paid for anything we brought back this time?
Kassil: You haven’t told me what you’re turning in, yet.
Ananda: We brought back the corpse of that thing that wielded Void at us, the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, a child-size winged skeleton, ORACLE, an AI brain, and Zix.
Ananda: For the moment, turning in the corpse and the grenade.
Em: (grins)
Ananda: (IIRC, we wanted to poke at the skeleton & AI brain before deciding what to do with them.)
Kassil: The corpse and the grenade net you a 10000 Trust reward.
Em: Zix might try to shoot the holy hand grenade in jealousy
Ananda: Zix turned itself into a grenade launcher in proximity. And the grenade has some sort of awareness.
Ananda distributes 2,500T to everyone.
Kassil: You’ll likely want to reiterate that to Alasdair when he arrives.
Kassil: Maybe also fill Serek in. ;)
Serek: >.> <.><
Ananda: So, uh, what were we doing when Serek was last here?
Kassil: Good question!
Kassil: It’s been a while.
Kassil: You were just about to fight the Wielding critter.
Ananda: We took out the Wielding critter with no particular ceremony. (Serek botched a roll and accidentally fried herself a little, but that’s what we have a healer for.)
Serek: (Once in a while, she has to check whether the fire actually does anything. It’s all in good fun, right? Right?)
Serek: (For the purpose of SCIENCE.)
Ananda: (I’m not going to disagree with that.)
Ananda: (Either of them. ;) )
Em: (applauds your dedication to your source and hopes to eventually be that hardcore!)
Ananda: After that, we headed into a room full of evidence lockers. In no particular order, we found a crystal that zipped off into the distance when we opened its case, the skeleton of a winged child-size humanoid (behind/underneath a set of lockers, oddly enough), a smartphone that calls itself ORACLE and answers the damndest questions..
Ananda: ..A grenade resting on its own little cushion, a weapon that changes shape to suit some whim of its own (“Zix”), an AI core that we haven’t messed with at all yet, and one evidence locker containing something that whispered to Alasdair but which nobody else could hear. He spent some time welding that one closed. (Aside from the skeleton, everything in that list has some sort of awareness.)
Serek: I notice a suspicious lack of Alasdair’s input on that locker. .
Alasdair: You should notice a suspicious lack of Alasdair’s input on many things that happened during this latest foray.
Kassil: Ananda sent 2500T to Alasdair, BTW.
Ananda: After that, we made a brief foray into another universe, which unsettled Em and Ananda something fierce by containing creatures that called themselves angels. The next room in the Site was full of vehicles locked in cages, and we started getting e-mail from Beyond.
Em: (They called themselves angels and while the data didn’t entirely back them up, it took some prodding to get plausible ambiguity on the point.)
Em: (Also, we’re playing three card monte with when Alasdair has the insight that drives him insane.)
Alasdair: I’m amused at the future tense of that statement.
Em: Well, I mean NPC level insane as opposed to friendly lunatic insane :)
Alasdair: Again… ;)
Kassil: What makes you think I’ll let your characters retire when they go stark raving mad? :D
Alasdair: Utter madness is the end of Chapter 1. It only gets weirder from there.
Kassil: Speak of the knowledgable.
Ananda: After an interlude of drifting about in Nowhen, Alasdair braked the time anomaly (which produced a smell like burning plastic; whut?) and we found that we could contact Circe – possibly multiple of her, at least one of whom is alive and working at the Mauna Kea observatory.
Serek: Wait—Circe?
Alasdair: Yes
Ananda: Yep.
Alasdair: You… missed a lot.
Ananda: Some creature made of bones dropped the rat I’d taped to the floor (lo, these many sessions ago) on us, and I think that was it for that room. Moving on, we found a bunch of Wielders in cold storage, probably all Spiritual Wielders. Trying to apply Being/Insight to one was an entertaining experience. After that, we visited Mephistopheles, bought nothing of importance, and went home.
Ananda: We’re back in Saint Mary now, and have taken at least five days to train.
Kassil: Now then.
Kassil: First day/night. You all turn in the wielding-beast’s corpse and the mysterious grenade, Ananda distributes the resulting Trust. What else?
Ananda: Day 1 includes either picking Alasdair’s brain for what he got out of ORACLE that had him so jumpy, or having ORACLE replay its recent queries and results so that I could see firsthand.
Em: I study hard and try to correspond with my computer science mentor if he knows anyone who’s had to deal with networking across dimensional boundaries whom I could talk to
Ananda: (Trying those in order.)
Kassil: Em, you get a “…Are you perhaps on some kind of hallucenogen?” response.
Ananda: (We are supposed to not scare the non-locals too much…)
Alasdair: ( Don’t frighten the Normals, Em. ;) )
Serek: (Just a little bit…?)
Kassil: Alasdair, in the midst of whatever he had planned, has Ananda showing up to talk at him.
Em tries to search down rumors in the netsphere of people who’ve done odd technomagic projects. She spares a couple hours to it. What does she need to roll if it’s possible?
Alasdair is in the cantina, drinking away some hard-earned Trust.
Ananda: Oh, also. Check whether Circe is officially on staff at Mauna Kea.
Kassil: Em, you don’t find anything; there are a handful of rumors of projects attempting to bind Wielding and technology together, but to no real avail.
Kassil: Ananda, you easily find Circe’s transfer papers.
Ananda finds Alasdair and invites herself to his table, along with a large plate of breaded & fried calamari.
Alasdair manages a bleary “Hey” as Ananda sits down.
Kassil: Serek is apparently just training.
Serek: Yes.
Ananda smiles in greeting, “Hey.” She fiddles with the corner of a folio of live-paper, not seeming to notice that Alasdair is out of sorts.
Alasdair squints at the live-paper. “Chupta?”
Ananda: “Checking for disparities between where we started and where we are.” She slides a page with Circe’s transfer paperwork across the table and chews on an anonymous curl of crunchy fried animal. “Circe was missing, in the history I remember.”
Alasdair blinks a few times, sniffs, and squints at the paper. “Yeah, we’re no’ home. Nev’r gunbe. Em went in w’ Kappa only here.”
Alasdair: “Wha’ happtudder guy. Dat squestion.”
Ananda: “When did you pick that up?”
Kassil: (Drunk Alasdair is drunk.)
Alasdair taps the table for emphasis.
Alasdair: “D’ORACLE show tme.”
Em: wanders in to the meal “We’re not home?”
Ananda: “Hnnn. What else did you get out of it?”
Alasdair makes a comical arm dangly motion. “S’fing’s powfil. S’ev’wh’r. Com’n f’me. Know it!”
Alasdair widens his eyes and stares at Ananda.
Ananda: Ananda quirks an eyebrow, “How do you know that?”
Alasdair whirl-lolls at Em and siezes her with a strength only the drunk or desperate possess.
Alasdair: “Em safe. Spshul. Gotta stay w’her.”
Ananda: “Um. Okay?”
Em blinks and is rather unhappy but blinks at what he says again “Ah. What makes me special?”
Alasdair: “Sh’ p’tct us.”
Em raises an eyebrow. “I do try to take care of my team mates. but what am I doing to make you feel very safe?”
Alasdair steadies himself and looks into Em’s eyes with entirely too much fervor. “You. Survived.”
Alasdair nods at Ananda and taps the table for emphasis.
Ananda: “Ah.. What did she survive, exactly?”
Em: …You mean the way I survived my first excursion to the Site?
Em: What happened that day, do you know, Alasdair?
Em does her best to mask her nervousness, maybe just enough so a very drunk mage can’t tell.
Alasdair: “Sh’ wuz k’pt b’ fing. K’PT!”
Alasdair fumbles for his water glass, spilling some across the table before clutching it like a talisman as he drinks from the straw.
Ananda: “Which thing?”
Ananda offers Em the plate of fried calamari, during the pause.
Em munches and gives a faint nod of gratitude.
Em feels reassured something (the squid) has had a worse time than she has lately.
Alasdair stares deeply into the table, apparently not having heard Ananda.
Ananda reclaims the live-paper and soaks the water off of it with her napkin.
Alasdair shudders involuntarily and hisses something in Mandarin.
Ananda: “Sorry, what was that?”
Alasdair blinks and looks at Ananda as if seeing her for the first time.
Alasdair says something in Mandarin in an awestruck tone before laying his head on the table and passing out.
Kassil: (Snrrrrrrrrxxxxxzzzzz)
Em looks at Ananda “Any idea what ’b’fing’ was?”
Em eats some more calamari, a bit stunned.
Ananda: “I think he was saying ‘the thing’.. We’ve seen a lot of things, though.”
Em: ….Well, given how powerful he is, I’m just as glad he sees me as special and helpful.
Em shakes her head, “I just hope nothing ORACLE tells him convinces him I’m a problem.”
Ananda gnaws abstractedly on a bit of calamari, “He doesn’t have final say.”
Em: Well, yes, this is true. But…if he has an irrational interval, he might well do something rash. I’m a little concerned given his reaction to that last interval after the angels.
Kassil: So now we have passed-out drunk Alasdair starting to form a puddle of drool to sleep in, while Ananda and Em nonchalantly talk. Unless one of you moves to stop them, after a few minutes what passes for local security drops in and carries Alasdair off to his room.
Ananda lets them carry him off, and kibitzes until she runs out of food.
Kassil: The cafeteria stays somewhat busy, but the conversations are fairly mundane. A few people keep looking in your direction after Alasdair is removed, but no one says anything to you or moves to join your table.
Ananda: Do I recognize any of the people who keep looking at us?
Kassil: Not as such. Just people who happen to be resident in Saint Mary.
Ananda: ‘kay.
Em: So none of them are from that team we brushed shoulders with theother time?
Alasdair: ( What, ranting drunk guys draw attention? ;) )
Kassil: The Nephilim team? Nope.
Kassil: (Maybe!)
Ananda invites Em along to see if her computer skills can help with translating that last thing Alasdair said.
Em gives it a try.
Ananda does her best to reproduce what he said in the first place.
Kassil: Em doesn’t get anything useful out of Ananda’s recollection of Alasdair’s drunkenly slurred Mandarin.
Ananda sighs. “Ah well. Possibly I should’ve recorded that discussion.”
Ananda: (Unless something interesting happens, my next stop is the firing range.)
Kassil: All right. The rest of the day passes largely uneventfully.
Em returns to studying Energy.

[Individual dream sequences.]

Kassil: Alasdair and Em find the masoleum melting away around them, exposing a vast starscape full of twinkling, rainbow-colored stars seemingly made of flame. Ananda, in the middle of lifting her hand to greet Serek, finds herself regarding all three of her companions; Serek and Ananda wearing rainbow auroras as robes, Em pale and shivering slightly, and Alasdair with a silver-blue fire chasing itself in a circle at his side.
Kassil: Despite the limitless void, none of you feel inconvenienced by the lack of air.
Ananda: “Kf. Hello there.”
Alasdair gawks open mouthed at Ananda.
Serek: (But I was playing with stars augh why do I have to deal with people now.)
Ananda returns Alasdair’s look with a mildly puzzled one of her own.
Em: Did you folks have dreams with skulls too or…? I was in a mausoleum, had the presence of mind to try and influence the dream tonight when it recurred.
Ananda: “I think the skulls are all yours.”
Em: I tried to question a skull, it pointed for me to go deeper into the mausoleum and after some ominous passages I ran into Alasdair.
Em chuckles “Et in Arcadia, Arcadia ego.”
Em: (mispronounced her Latin probably, since she only knows how to read it)
Kassil: Serek, notably, is playing with a star of rainbow flames.
Ananda: “Um, translate that?”
Alasdair seems to catch himself before he says something.
Em: “And in Paradise, in Paradise there I am” where the speaker is Death.
Em: Just chuckling, I carry my morbidity with me a bit reflexively apparently.
Alasdair: “Because I could not stop for Death, she kindly stopped for me. The carriage held but ourselves and Eternity.”
Tierce: (Some people have safety blankets. Safety stars are much better. Well, maybe not as much ‘safe’ as ‘nuclear’, but.)
Ananda smiles.
Em: (grins)(they’re definitely warmer than blankets)
Kassil: Alasdair, your companion fire has settled down and is sitting like a dog that’s heeled, just behind and to your left. Flakes of ice are slowly pinwheeling out from it.
Ananda takes her rainbow cloak off, shakes it out, and folds it over her arm.
Em: So. We are all initiates in the magical arts, is there some working we should try in this place perhaps?
Em is focusing on her comrades to avoid vertigo.
Ananda: “Haven’t the foggiest.”
Alasdair draws a deep breath and rubs his face, finally drawing his gaze from Ananda.
Alasdair looks down at his “dog” contemplatively.
Ananda watches Serek for a little while, then snaps her fingers to call a tennis-ball-sized sphere of plasma into existence.
Kassil: Ananda, you find yourself with a singularity hovering over your hand – an intensely blinding light that quickly wraps itself in impenetrable darkness as it hovers over your hand.
Ananda tries to look like she meant to do that.
Alasdair slowly and hesitantly reaches town to touch the flame at his side.
Em looks curious and tries to form a light curtain of sparks around her swirling but near but not touching her, pale ghostly blue.
Kassil: Em’s curtain forms, composed of pale white dust that glimmers a ghostly blue in the light of the strange stars.
Alasdair lavishes attention on the pet flame, scritching it and playing with it.
Ananda pulls a scrap of paper out of her pocket and tries feeding it to the singularity.
Kassil: Alasdair’s pet flame behaves like a cross between a joyous dog and a cat acknowledging due attention, the silver-blue flames leaving elaborate patterns of frost across his hands and arms.
Em: Okay. that didn’t feel like wielding.
Em: …Are we in that space you were in staring at that mini universe, Ananda? does it seem familiar?
Kassil: The paper scrap is drawn past the oily darkness of the event horizon once Ananda releases it, disppearing with a faint trickle of stray energy.
Ananda absently replies, “No. That one was colored very much like the standard model.”
Serek looks up from her pet star to ask, without looking directly at Ananda, “what’s with the darkness?”
Kassil: And… non-sensory Detection checks, please.
Serek: Look at my pretty flames.
Ananda spares a glance for Serek and her star, “I don’t know. Under normal circumstances, a black hole this small would’ve evaporated within a minute or two, if I’m remembering physics class right. …It’s been a long time since undergrad, admittedly.”
Kassil: Ananda and Em, you each sense something, incredibly far below you.
Ananda looks down.
Kassil: There is nothing visible, besides the void and the glimmering rainbow stars.
Em lays down on her stomach before looking so her body doesn’t distract her.
Ananda: “Huh. I wonder if you can see the Great Attractor from here…”
Kassil: What are you laying on, Em?
Kassil: Alasdair, you can see Em and Ananda peering at the void below their feet.
Em: Whatever we’re standing on. I just keep firmly in my mind whatever my feet were supported by is supporting my body.
Em: (hopes that works)
Kassil: Heh. You’re functionally in zero-gravity. :D
Kassil: You’re being kept oriented by the belief you should be.
Ananda absent-mindedly closes her hand around the fragment of darkness.
Em tries to focus on whatever it was that caught her attention below.
Alasdair summons an appropriately sized ball and bounces it across where the mausoleum floor used to be.
Ananda blinks a couple of times and looks at her hand, as though it had changed while she wasn’t paying attention.
Serek looks visibly annoyed.
Kassil: The ball simply keeps going, but after a few seconds of hesitation the silver-blue flame explodes after it, giving rise to a momentary image of the ball being a comet before the errant sphere is captured and returned to Alasdair.
Kassil: Serek, meanwhile, has crushed a nearby nebula to the point that flickers of fusion fire are beginning to spark inside it.
Kassil: And…
Alasdair cracks the ice off the ball before hurling it at the center of whatever galactic configuration surrounds the group.
Kassil: …The first stars in the nebula ignite explosively, and you all jolt awake in your beds, Alasdair with a dull throbbing headache and the sense of something cool draped over his head.
Serek was about to drop a star. Balls.
Kassil: Your second day back in Saint Mary awaits.
Em blinks and pcomms Ananda “you were in the dream too?”
Ananda: (Time?)
Kassil: Morning.
Alasdair grrblrggltfffs and wipes at the cool thing on his head before turning over to look at the door.
Ananda: (Is it light outside?)
Kassil: Alasdair, you find yourself brushing a layer of frost out of your hair, and half-melted shards of ice from your forehead.
Kassil: It’s just past dawn.
Alasdair takes a long hot shower before heading down for breakfast.
Ananda makes disgruntled noises about having overslept and toggles her PComm to stop chirping. She doesn’t bother looking at it. Everything short of explosions and gunfire can wait until after her first cup of tea.
Kassil: …Serek is apparently occupied watching something on her P-comm.
Serek causes galactic nuclear explosions in her sleep. She’s pretty sure the universe can wait for her.
Kassil: So.
Kassil: Alasdair and Ananda end up at the cafeteria at more-or-less the same time.
Kassil: Em’s feeling out-of-sorts and staring at her P-comm while she waits for a reply.
Kassil: Serek’s stomach is growling loudly as she stares at her P-comm.
Serek: Fiiiine. I guess needs must and I can stare lovingly at it later. Food, then.
Kassil: Serek comes wandering into the cafeteria a short time after Ananda and Alasdair enter.
Ananda has already acquired tea by then, and is breathing the steam while it steeps.
Alasdair shuffles about listlessly collecting coffee, two random pieces of fruit and whatever oatmeal-like substance is available.
Serek checks her P-comm more often than a lovesick teenager.
Serek: Food seems something of an afterthought.
Em wanders in, “Any plans for tonight?” she says circumspectly.
Kassil: Alasdair finds himself with a peach, a banana, and a bowl of oatmeal full of raisins.
Alasdair mutters something that isn’t exactly any one particular language as he sits down hard.
Kassil: Serek is munching on nearly-burnt toast and nearly-charcoaled bacon.
Ananda is communing with her mug and doesn’t even open her eyes. It’s not clear whether she heard anything.
Kassil: (The group gives the general impression of college students post-party.)
Alasdair: ( Pretty much. )
Serek: (THAT was Serek’s definition of a party. If you’re not messing with astronomers everywhere, you’re not having fun.)
Em is otherwise subdued but methodically fuels her body and merely comments, “Bit interuptus there, yes?” though with a hint of worry.
Ananda: (Ananda usually gets her morning tea ritual done before there’s anyone around to even try talking to her.)
Alasdair slowly and haphazardly consumes the food in front of him.
Kassil: Food is consumed.
Kassil: Tea is drank.
Ananda shrugs one shoulder at Em, but doesn’t reply.
Kassil: Serek keeps mooning over her P-comm.
Serek: P-comm is lovingly stared at.
Serek: Yes.
Ananda eventually gets around to breakfast. Scrambled eggs with whatever vegetables are available mixed in.
Ananda then answers her PComm.
Kassil: And gets Em’s text.
Alasdair gets another coffee and stares into it as if contemplating the ethics involved in drinking it.
Kassil: The coffee fails to offer Alasdair any moral advice.
Ananda flips her P-Comm closed and slaps it down onto the table. Then it chirps.
Ananda finishes her breakfast. Then it can stop being Too Early For This Garbage.
Kassil: So…
Kassil: What now?
Ananda: Having been duly reminded that hell is other people before breakfast, next up is seeing what Em can learn about the odd text that I recieved.
Ananda will leave her P-Comm with Em, do her tai-chi routine, and attend morning Rites. That’ll bring her into “normal people’s” hours.
Alasdair winces and white-knuckles his coffee mug as his P-Comm chirps.
Em spends the first part of her day analyzing Ananda’s pcomm and the message she was told to analyze.
Kassil: (A few hours later, Serek continues to gaze upon her P-comm.)
Kassil: Training, presumably, is done.
Kassil: Anything else?
Alasdair spends the day somewhere quiet and out of the way.
Em: (tries to analyze the AI brain with the tools of the facility, with the couple of hours she has after training.)?
Kassil: If you want to try analyzing the AI core itself, that’s an Electronics check.
Ananda sends Alasdair a text asking him to join her at the shooting range after lunch.
Kassil: Trying to extract data is a Computer Tech check, but that comes after you figure out the hardware.
Em: Tries to puzzle out the hardware.
Serek may not be staring at her p-comm all day, but it’s definitely getting a shrine-like position as she trains.
Serek: (It’s her Happy Place.)
Kassil: “Crazily advanced and will likely take dedicated technicians quite a while to crack.” is what Em gets from her efforts on the core.
Alasdair finally checks his P-Comm around 2 and goes to find Ananda.
Em: (hrms and will try again tomorrow with some ueber buffing from Alasdair)
Ananda is easily found brushing up on her rifle skills.
Kassil: Ananda is in her usual firing range, which is occupied by half a dozen others practicing their aim.
Kassil: One particularly bulky AI is more-or-less showing off, spraying bolts of plasma fire down the firing alley.
Ananda looks up at the sound of familiar footsteps and waves Alasdair over.
Ananda: (Notably, she’s not wearing hearing protectors.)
Alasdair approaches, cautiously watching the other shooters.
Ananda signs, “Zix stopped changing shape after I fired it. Give it a try and see if it’ll be that energy weapon we saw before.”
Kassil: The AI has set the target at the end of the gallery on fire by the time Alasdair approaches.
Ananda picks the ZX in SMG-shape off the floor and offers it.
Alasdair takes the gun with the same reluctance one might express when being offered a fistful of spiders.
Kassil: The gun shivers in Alasdair’s hands, rippling and flowing into a sleek black shape that mimics a very high-quality laser rifle, although with a more organic rounding to it.
Ananda raises her eyebrows.
Alasdair approaches the firing booth and mutters to the gun in Mandarin, “Okay, creature. Let’s just get along.”
Alasdair aims at the target and tries not to miss as he fires a single round.
Kassil: A bolt of utter darkness fires from the ZX when Alasdair pulls the trigger, accompanied by a soft hiss; it hits the target dead-on, and leaves a hole bored into it.
Ananda nods approval.
Alasdair gives the AI a sidelong glance before returning the gun to Ananda.
Kassil: The gun quietly flows back into the shape of an SMG.
Ananda: “Reasonable to think that it adjusts to the user’s skill, then.”
Alasdair rubs the palms of his hands, trying to get rid of the itch.
Ananda: “How did it try to interact?”
Alasdair: “It didn’t, really.”
Ananda: “Oh?”
Alasdair: “It merely expressed a preference.”
Ananda: “Hn.” She scrawls something in her field notebook.
Ananda clips the little book back in its place. “Confirms my hypothesis. Thanks.”
Alasdair flexes his hands and ponders Ananda’s target.
Kassil: There’s a neat hole bored through it, along with the holes made otherwise.
Kassil: So, anything else going on?
Ananda stashes Zix back at her feet and returns to some attempt at sharpshooting. She’ll be there pretty much all afternoon.
Kassil: All right, then.
Alasdair returns to his quiet place once Ananda is done with him.
Kassil: The rest of the week passes fairly uneventuflly, aside from any training or research you care to conduct.
Ananda will, at some point, ask ORACLE what a ‘K factor’ is, and why hers is elevated.
Em: (would like to try some more AI brain analysis on the last day)
Kassil: ORACLE politely informs Ananda that she isn’t cleared for access to information about the K Factor.
Ananda: (Even with my expanded access level?)
Kassil: Indeed.
Ananda: Hmm’kay.
Ananda fishes for details about genome strain Gamma-Keter-7, as well.
Kassil: No fish bite, at the moment.
Ananda frowns thoughtfully.
Kassil: So – anything else?
Em: Okay.
Serek: Not from here. Using the time for training—eventually. >.>
Em: Alasdair, can I get some arcane assistance with my research into the AI brain?
Ananda tinkers with ORACLE some more.
Em: It is insanely advanced.
Em: This makes me REALLY want to find out what’s in it
Alasdair spends his time trying to track down the fourth of Em’s group.
Kassil: Alasdair can make a Gather Information check.
Kassil: No one really knows what happened to him. He never came ack the last time the group set out.
Alasdair will try again after boosting both himself and Em.
Kassil: Okay, then.
Alasdair keeps talking to the same janitor.
Kassil: (Damn you Johnson!)
Kassil: So.
Kassil: Em?
Em: Tries to puzzle out this devious thing, over the full six hours of the buff…
Alasdair makes Em an ElectroGod.
Em: (grins and channels the spirit of Tesla)
Ananda eyes ORACLE with marked skepticism, then puts it away. For now, at least.
Kassil: Em’s initial attempt to connect results in a screen flowing with what appears to be gibberish; some analysis, once she disconnects again and processes the data stream, suggests that what she got was the equivalent of an unending scream.
Em: Oh, that’s reassuring. o_o
Em: Alasdair, can you smarten me up for my talents regarding computers too?
Em: Sorry to ask so much, I actually made a connection to this thing!
Ananda wanders over to watch Em at work.
Em: This is alarming.
Em: I think this AI brain may be trapped in endless torment.
Kassil: I think that digging deeper into the brain will need to wait for next session.
Kassil: So!
Kassil: 165 CDP for everyone.
Kassil: You may or may not have all lost some Sanity in the process. :D
Ananda: It was fun, and even briefly !!Fun!!. What could go wrong?
Kassil: You should ask Serek. XD
Ananda: (Also, I think we might’ve found the instance of Circe that was asking for people to stop bothering her.)
Em: (Maybe we can heal her. o_o)
Ananda: (With godlike buffs, maybe you can.)
Em: (I certainly don’t want to give the brain up till I’ve pushed my electronics/computer ranks a bit farther.)


Kassil Kassil

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