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Session 24 - August 6, 2260

Lurkers and Flying Crystals


  • Agony 1
  • Being 7
  • Clarity 1
  • Control 2
  • Deliverance 2
  • Detection 3
  • Elemental 1
  • Energy 1
  • Insight 1
  • Inspiration 1


  • Biology 1
  • Detection 4
  • Pistols/SMGs 2
  • Stealth 2


  • Agony 1
  • Computer Tech 2
  • Defeat Security 3
  • Detection 2
  • Energy 1
  • Stealth 1


  • Agony 1
  • Elemental 1

CDP: 165
Total: 4420

Kassil: Okay, then. Last week, we ended with a shadowy humanoid-looking figure lurking down the hall, apparently aware of you as it straightened up and flexed some distressingly clawed hands.
Kassil: Once you’re all ready, we’ll begin.
Kassil: The creature raises both hands, with a halo of Void energy flaring up around its hands; it appears to be staring at Ananda.
Kassil: Ananda, go.
Ananda darts a few steps forwards and fires off three rounds, hoping to get lucky and interrupt the creature’s Weilding.
Ananda: (Done.)
Kassil: Unfortunately, Ananda’s movement apparently puts her aim off, sending the bullets whipping past it on the left.
Kassil: A pulse of Void energy lashes out, hissing as it cuts through the air; Ananda’s movement has taken her away from the target location, however.
Kassil: There’s a pulse of Void energy that scours some organic debris from the floor, but no one is harmed.
Kassil: Em, go.
Em: Can I make a telekinetic effect to grab the critter and spin it around in the air like a gyroscope, disorienting it, and making melee more challenging for it?
Em: or just grab it and keep it from running toward or away from us?
Kassil: Em, you’re wanting Anarchy to drop its Speed state, I believe.
Em: ah. my apologies. I’ll just try to burn the thing then. Since this is the first time I’ve tried this, I’ll stick to 1d4, I just want to see if I can get through whatever it has protecting it first off.
Em: So Energy Agony effect
Alasdair glances over his shoulder nervously.
Em: So Energy Agony… I’m hopin Alisdair hurts it more so it doesn’t shoot at me.
Kassil: That’ll go off next segment, then.
Kassil rolls dice…
Alasdair: ( Serek summons fire… )
Kassil: Okay. Em starts gathering up crackling electrical energy around her hands as Serek does, indeed, conjure up a halo of flames.
Alasdair frowns and shrouds the creature in a roiling storm of supercooled plasma.
Kassil: Em’s effect goes off, a bolt of lightning leaping from her fingertips to zap the beast.
- Lurker has taken damage (Lightly Hurt)
- Lurker has taken damage (Hurt)
Em: So we’re giving it a nice buffet of damage flavours
Kassil: Serek’s flames die down, only to flare up and shround the creature for a moment, the combinded lightning and fire making it exude a terrible stink of charred flesh.
Kassil: Alasdair, your effect.
- Lurker has taken damage (Badly Hurt)
Kassil: The storm of supercooled energy seems to interact poorly with the creature’s burns, causing blood and flesh to crystallize and shatter as it clings to it like a lethal shroud.
Ananda sidles into the nook just ahead of her, drops to one knee, and aims.
Ananda: (Hoping to get partial cover.)
Kassil rolls dice…
Kassil: The creature, keening in rage, summons more Void energy up through the halo of frigid energy tearing into it.
- Lurker has taken damage (Near Death)
Kassil: Alasdair’s lingering shroud continues freezing it.
Kassil rolls dice…
Kassil: The ripple of Void energy is thrown off, nearly choking out as Alasdair’s damaging effect takes its toll, but the creature seems to rally, hurling a blast of Void into the middle of the group.
Em: ow
Kassil rolls dice…
Em: now we see if we can take it as well as dish it out
- Alasdair has taken 22 damage (Hurt)
- Em has taken 19 damage (Hurt)
Kassil: Alasdair, your armor takes no damage because it has no Void resistance. Em, your armor takes 2 damage.
Alasdair blinks away the blood oozing out of his shredded skin.
Kassil: And… That looks like the damage overloads Alasdair’s effect, I think.
Alasdair: ( I’d be shocked if it didn’t. )
Kassil: Em and Alasdair, you both feel like you’ve been subjected to a brutal case of road rash, inside and out.
Kassil: The supercooled shroud peters out as Alasdair gets savaged.
Kassil: It’s oozing blood, and moving more slowly as it lunges forward, screeching in high tones.
Kassil: Em, you’re up.
Ananda: (Soon enough that the haze won’t impede my aim, at least.)
Em: If I move, that prevents me from wielding next turn right?
Kassil: It prevents you from Wielding this turn.
Em: but since i already did, and have no more dice, there’s no reason for me not to backpedal?
Kassil: Wielding is a full-round action, but it only persists beyond if you’re doing something sustained like Alasdair’s damage effect.
Kassil: And yeah, you can move freely.
Kassil: Oh, right. u_u Karel, remind me how much bleed that is.
Alasdair: ( 3 for me, 2 for Em )
Kassil: Thank you.
Kassil: Em is backpedaling. Okay, then.
Kassil: Serek’s conjuring up another halo of fire for her action.
Em: I stare at the thing in shock that it took that cascade of destruction and is still standing
Alasdair bolts for the alcove across from Ananda, leaving a couple small smears on the wall and skidding to a halt with a slight squish.
Em tries not to wimper and ignores the blood trickling down her as best she can
Ananda fires on the creature, with the look of someone who’s already dissecting it in her head. Only then spares a glance for the movement behind her.
Kassil: One hit.
- Lurker has taken damage (Unconscious)
Kassil: Ananda neatly places a round into the creature’s open wounds, causing it to jerk and fall flat on the ground, blood leaking from it.
Em slumps against the wall in relief
Em: (Hey, we could take it prisoner, it’s not dead!)
Kassil: Ananda?
Ananda: (I don’t think we want to.)
Em: (wonder what they’d give us at Saint Mary’s for bringing it back?)
Alasdair: ( You don’t take Wielders as prisoners. )
Em: (why? if you immobilize their hands they can’t wield?)
Em: (I thought?)
Kassil: (Particularly not ones who can fling AoEs of that size at that range with that much damage. :D)
Ananda straightens up and cautiously moves to inspect the unconscious lurker.
Alasdair motions Em forward.
Em comes over
Kassil: Ahem.
Em: ooops? too far?
Em: sorry
Ananda: Whoops.
Kassil: On your turns. XD
Em: though it was all done since it’s down
Kassil: You’re still bleeding.
Kassil: Until that’s resolved, and until someone either kills or fully incapacitates it, combat’s active.
Em: (walks toward Alasdair)
Kassil: Oh, right, I never resolved Serek’s action.
- Serek has taken 16 damage (Hurt)
Kassil: Because she dropped her range to self.
Alasdair: ( Whoops. )
Ananda: (Ow.)
Ananda: (It’s a good thing she likes extra crispy.)
Kassil: Serek, properly torched, concludes that coming over to chat with alasdair seems like a Good Idea.
Alasdair sends out a pulse of Being energy to staunch the bleeding.
Kassil: And the effect.
Alasdair: ( -3 Bleed to everyone except Ananda )
Kassil: And that resolves the bleeding.
Ananda: (Is there anything akin to a CdG mechanic? I can’t remember.)
Alasdair: ( shotgun to the face? )
Kassil: No, but if that’s your intent I’ll let it go – it’ll bleed out soon enough by itself, anyhow.
- Combat ended
Ananda takes her time to line up a shot and put the creature out of its (and our) misery.
- Lurker has taken damage (Dead)
Alasdair motions the injured to his side for healing.
- Em has healed 19 damage (Unscathed)
- Alasdair has healed 22 damage (Unscathed)
- Serek has healed 16 damage (Unscathed)
Alasdair also restored everyone’s endurance for Base (32).
Em bows slightly “Thank you once again for your precious aid, Alasdair”
Kassil: Alasdair’s Being energy flows over the various injuries, soothing away where distilled oblivion scoured away bits of their bodies.
Alasdair rubs away the itchiness of the new skin as he checks out their fallen foe.
Kassil: All right, Ananda’s prodding the body with a boot, the thing’s brain is so much splattered goo on the ground, and everyone’s a little adrenaline high but fine.
Em: Brains. At least it’s life almost as we know it.
Ananda pulls the bodybag from the top of her backpack, shakes it out, and visually measures its capacity against the corpse. Will it even fit?
Alasdair: Depends on how we fold it.
Kassil: You might be able to do so. Once it fully stretched upright, it was about eight feet tall.
Kassil: If it weren’t for how muscular it looks, it’d seem kind of thin.
Ananda dons gloves and makes the attempt.
Alasdair: I could make it gaseous for a few hours and you could stuff it into a sample container. ;)
Kassil: It takes Ananda roughly twenty minutes and produces some unsettling pops and particularly foul odors, but Ananda manages to barely get the bodybag zipped up around it.
Ananda: And have it bust the container when I forget about it for a few hours. No thanks. ;)
Alasdair: The biological equivalent of RARing a large file.
Ananda gestures on down the hall, “Shall we?”
Alasdair stretches and continues up the hallway.
Ananda: (Stashing the bodybag in a convenient corner, to pick up on our way out.)
Ananda: (Unless Alasdair opts to carry it, or somesuch.)
Em: (agrees)
Kassil: Mmkay. The hallways seems to be something of an isolation corridor, with blast doors visible retracted in the roof as you pass by them.
Ananda: Do they seem to be operational?
Kassil: You can try rolling Mechanical Technology to see if you can eyeball it without a close inspection.
Alasdair makes it a point not to stand under them for any longer then is absolutely necessary.
Ananda pauses to examine one of the doors.
Kassil: Yup, they certainly look like blast doors.
Ananda shrugs and continues on.
Alasdair: How many blast doors do we pass under?
Alasdair: And is there any damage to the corridor?
Em: Would worry about them being used to trap us, but pretty sure we could get around them.
Kassil: You count seven.
Kassil: It only continues another 500 or so feet before it ends at a heavy steel door, easily two feet thick with bank vault-like design, pins as thick around as Alasdair’s thumb marking the edges where it would latch shut. They’re all extended and horribly mangled, the door showing signs of damage where something forced it open despite the impressive lock.
Alasdair: Nothing of note between them?
Kassil: Nothing a cursory inspection reveals.
Kassil: Lights in the roof, more of the tiled metal floor, a few small air vents.
Alasdair whispers, “Apparently, the containment protocol failed.”
Ananda: “Kf.”
Alasdair checks the door to see if he can figure out what forced open.
Em: Any signs of silly computer controls on the locking mechanism?
Kassil: Alasdair, you figure “Brute force, and a lot of it.”
Alasdair: Physical or Wielding?
Ananda takes a deep breath and visibly relaxes, then steps through the door and to one side.
Kassil: Em, you see some wiring the inner lining of the door, connected to a high-gain hydraulic piston that opened and closed the door. Whatever foced it open seems to have ruptured the piston, though.
Kassil: Alasdair, you’d guess something physical.
Em: hrm. No way to trace that without tearing up the walls and probably not something hackable controlling it anyway
Kassil: Ananda, you mainly smell a trace of dust.
Kassil: The air’s a degree or two cooler on the other side of the door, though.
Ananda: More hallway back there?
Kassil: About another 100 feet of hallway before it opens up into a larger area.
Alasdair chews on his lip while contemplating the effort neccessary to repair the damage to the door.
Ananda: (I don’t think we want to lock ourselves in.)
Kassil: You could probably coax it back into shape, but it would tax your limits.
Alasdair: ( Pff. Killjoy. ;) )
Em: If we need the door locked, odds are it will be something big enough to just pop it again…
Ananda: (False sense of security and all…)
Alasdair: ( That falls under “trip your friend and run faster” )
Kassil: Generally, yes.
Kassil: So, Em’s poking around the door, Alasdair’s inspecting all the bent and torn metal pins, Ananda’s looking down the hall, Serek is vaguely looking along after the group.
Ananda is waiting for the others to decide that they’re done.
Alasdair is waiting for the others to decide that they’re done.
Kassil: So clearly Em needs to move along.
Em: Okay, I think there’s not much more to be learned here alas.
Em: I just hope this was one of the stronger things that broke through and not the weaker ones
Alasdair: ( Personally, I hope it was the thing we just killed. ;) )
Alasdair moves on down the hall.
Ananda nods and moves along. Quietly.
Em: ( I can’t find it in me to be that much of an optimist. I can’t believe something strong would be labelled “lurker” >.>)
Ananda: (Ambush predator.)
Em: (sneaks along standard drill, watch backs and flanks and ceilings)
Kassil: At the end of the hall, it opens into what appears to be a giant version of the storage chamber you found previously, with massive white tanks suspended on steel struts and taut steel cables, connected to thick hoses that fill the room with a soft hissing sound.
Em is oblvious and noisily so o_o can’t hear anything over the thudding of her heart and the racing thoughts of terror.
Alasdair goes “hhhhhaaa” to see if he can see his breath.
Ananda looks around for labels or data displays.
Em looks to see if this area has a central console/control station of some sort.
Kassil: Each tank has a terminal on the floor next to it, connected to what appears to be monitoring systems.
Em: Any of the tanks empty or open?
Kassil: Alasdair, when you get close to one of the tanks, your breath does steam a little.
Alasdair: ( Looking for a safe place to nap? )
Kassil: None of the tanks appear to be open.
Ananda kneels next to one of the terminals and tries to bring up a status report.
Em: (wondering if there might be dermis traces matching what we just killed on one)
Kassil: Ananda mostly just manages to baffle herself.
Ananda: “Em? Have a look at this.”
Em has a try at the terminal that is holding Ananda up
Em is still a bit rattled from feeling the breath of the void upon her
Alasdair extends his hands and wills determination and peace to flow over Ananda, himself, and Em.
Kassil: It’s a control system, undoubtedly for the cryotank, but Em can’t figure out quite what beyond that.
Em pauses to let inner peace gather and breathes deeply. Can she try that again, with less fear this time?
Alasdair then boosts everyone’s focus.
Alasdair: ( Go forth and be awesome. )
Em: Has a go at it again, considerably less jittery “Thanks Alasdair. I’m not used to being nearly explosively decompressed yet.”
Kassil: Em, you get enough that you figure out that the tank you’re examining is holding for a class Alpha-Seven ALF, number 088.
Ananda reads over Em’s shoulder.
Em: That sounds familiar, I think back to how the rankings worked at the other terminals.
Kassil: It’s apparently a fairly harmless creature, but it’s huge, the size of an elephant. The description makes it sound vaguely feline, with an area of effect that numbs the minds of those around them.
Em: (The meganekko!)
Ananda: (If it actually instantiated in our reality, that’s extremely problematic.)
Ananda: (Considering the other things we made & did.)
Em: (Should we let it out to examine it, from a distance? Can lock it up again if it’s a trouble maker)
Ananda: (No thanks.)
Alasdair: ( lol! Yeah, not today. )
Em: How many tanks are there?
Kassil: There appear to be sixteen in this room.
Ananda: Any other exits?
Kassil: Three, one per wall.
Ananda: What kind?
Ananda: (I’m hoping nobody saw the need for blast doors in here, but.)
Kassil: Open hallways, large enough to drive a semi down.
Ananda gives each a cursory inspection.
Kassil: They all seem to be roughly a 500 or so feet long, and you’re fairly sure you see more retracted blast doors.
Em: I’m glad they were so cautious. I’m a bit scared they felt the need for this much caution and kept rounding up stuff like this
Em: Should I make 15 rolls for the other tanks?
Ananda ambles back to the group and consults the map. Are all of the zones leading off of here also ‘orange’?
Kassil: They’re all containers for similar kinds of ‘harmless’ creatures, Em. Some sound almost sad that they were captured, while some sound like they’re only theoretically harmless.
Kassil: And yes, the surrounding areas share the color.
Alasdair walks 10m down each of the two other passages and checks for anything that seems out of place.
Alasdair: What’s the designation of this room on the map?
Em: Anything that sounds like it might be sentient or all basically big exotic critters?
Em: well, whatever the right word is for “critters like us” ooops
Kassil: You honestly can’t tell from the information provided.
Em: Should we try to interview one of the most harmless sounding ones?
Em: I’m curious if there may be societies on earth now we haven’t come in touch with…or if they gathered these subjects from places not of this earth…
Alasdair: “Oh no no no. Nothing in the tanks is coming out. The stuff already on the loose is bad enough.”
Ananda: “Hn? If you want to stick your mind in there, go for it. I’ll pass.”
Em: Don’t have the knowledge how to do that yet, alas.
Ananda: “It doesn’t say anything about which languages they know, if any.”
Em: Anything else to learn from here?
Kassil: You don’t think you can pick out much else from the control panels, Em.
Alasdair: “Maybe you could dump the maintenance schedule/log to your P-Comm?”
Em: Is that much possible?
Kassil: You could make a CompTech check to give it a shot.
Em: Okay.
Kassil: It takes some finessing, and you feel vaguely ill about the code you just had to see in action, but you manage to download the maintenance logs, which are pretty much empty for the last 150 years beyond occasional automated notations.
Em stores it “Thanks Alasdair, the weird stuff here is a bit overwhelming. Lost track of the value of mundane data.”
Ananda picks the door on the left and jerks her head towards it in an unspoken ’let’s go’.
Em follows in rearguard
Alasdair puts a hand on Ananda’s elbow before she gets going.
Ananda pauses, raises an eyebrow questioningly.
Alasdair: “Um, there’s some serious gouges that way all over the floor and halfway up the wall. Might want to try the other way first.”
Ananda: “Could you tell what from?”
Alasdair: “I didn’t look too closely, but the other hall is clear. Best to rule out the innocuous before tackling the dangerous, no?”
Ananda nods, once.
Ananda gets a brief far-away look as she turns away.
Alasdair waits for Ananda to fully return to reality before heading down the other hall.
Kassil: The other hall leads you into a smaller chamber with a lower roof and long rows of what appear to be high-tech lockers.
Ananda ignores her faint discomfort at overruling habit and goes for the right hallway (ccw). She’s particularly interested in anything moving.
Kassil: Nothing appears to be moving but your companions.
Em: (Follows)
Kassil: The room appears to be filled with rather high-tech lockers, each tightly secured.
Alasdair does likewise.
Ananda waves Em forwards. “See what you can do with a few of these?”
Ananda: (Exits from this room are?)
Em: Has a go at that
Kassil: No luck, Em.
Em signs “something touched me, check for danger”
Alasdair sniffs and checks behind one of the banks of lockers.
Ananda stifles a sneeze.
Ananda paces around.
Kassil: (No one seems to be paying attention to Em’s signing.)
Ananda: (I’m not even looking at her.)
Kassil: (Exactly.)
Em goes to Alasdair and signs that in front of his face, adding “check with wielding”
Alasdair is engrossed in trying to figure out how to move the bank of lockers.
Kassil: (I’m sure Em will realize that shortly. :D)
Kassil: Alasdair, with a little effort you can access the space behind the lockers.
Ananda heads over to the sound of moving furniture.
Alasdair sticks a mental finger in the wind and tries to sense the number and “quality” of the minds nearby via passive sensing.
Kassil: You pick up on your companions and a few coldly mechanical awarenesses in some of the lockers, Alasdair.
Alasdair relates the particulars to the group, marking the lockers with some tape.
Alasdair then goes back to fishing out the bones from behind the locker bank.
Kassil: They appear to be the bones of a small child, or child-like creature.
Ananda raises an eyebrow. Then the other one joins it.
Alasdair uses a very low-power sweeping telekinetic effect to pull out everything light and movable from under/behind the lockers.
Kassil: Once you have everything, you’re fairly sure you have a human-ish skeleton, roughly the size of a three-year-old child. The bones are exceptionally lightweight, and the skull appears to have all its adult teeth.
Em presumes the autopsy comes later, there’s no way to use wielding to reconstruct what it was when it was alive?
Ananda frowns and picks over the skeleton, never touching it directly. “Need better magnification for this.”
Alasdair: “Bag it and study when we get back. I think we should do this person the justice of a thorough examination before turning the bones over.”
Em examines the room to see if there’s any signs someone was fiddling with the lockers, might have tripped a security system of some sort or something to lock them in to starve?
Ananda nods and steps back. “Your find.”
Alasdair gently scoops the bones into a sample bag and labels it before securing it in his pack.
Kassil: You don’t see anything that would be a reason why the skeleton would have been there.
Em nods sadly “I really hope they didn’t starve to death but insufficient data to tell…”
Em: At this point anyway
Em looks slight sad despite knowing it might just have been a small person of some sort….
Ananda: (“Just”.)
Alasdair points at one of the marked lockers. “Fancy trying to open this?”
Alasdair: ( Because anything under 4 feet tall has no soul. It is known. )
Em: Can you enhance my skill a bit? these things are a bit beyond my level of skill)
Em: (it was more a comment she’s struck that the irrational “protect children” urge is strong even in a battered cynic like her)
Alasdair taps Em on the forehead and induces absolute serenity in her.
Alasdair replenishes his Endurance while Em goes to work.
Em: Wrong brain bit, but thank you. I appreciate the help. It’s like a refreshing breeze on my psyche.
Alasdair taps Em on the forehead and induces increased competency.
Kassil: Em is now as competent at everything as Wielding can really make her.
Em tries to hold on to the memory of this moment.
Em: I am too melancholic about the possibly faux-child skeleton
Em: (I’m too goth for these lockpicks, too goth for these lockpicks)
Ananda paces idly.
Em: Well I’m out of ideas what to do about these lockers short of carrying them back with telekinesis to St. Mary’s
Alasdair: “Try another one? Maybe that one’s just stuck.”
Alasdair idly picks flecks of dried blood off his clothes.
Kassil: There’s a soft click as Em disengages a moderately troublesome lock.
Kassil: Inside the tape-marked locker is a ball of some kind, with delicate-looking wiring wrapped around the outside and small blinking lights.
Em: uh oh
Em: Is this perchance the data core from Circe and people like her?
Alasdair reflexively takes a half-step back.
Em: or people like her I mean
Ananda steps to one side in order to see past Em.
Kassil: It looks vaguely like an AI’s “brain”, but apparently self-powered and much more compact.
Em: Do I have anyway to communicate with the brain if it is some version of one?
Alasdair: Find a new host body? Electromindmeld?
Alasdair: My electrons to your electrons…
Em: Well I meant with the tools I have
Em: if I know anyway to wire my pcomm in or something
Kassil: If it’s an AI brain, it’s more advanced than any you’re familiar with.
Em: I think I better not mess with this, but I try another locker. how many are there?
Kassil: There are five rows with a dozen lockers on each side. There are only seven other tape-marked lockers.
Em: Tries the ones she didn’t fail at in turn.
Alasdair: How fragile does the device look? Could it be mundanely transported or would be need a secure container?
Kassil: It /looks/ fairly durable.
Kassil: Em, you manage to open two more of the lockers. One contains what looks like a pistol, while the other has a glowing violet crystal that lunges out of the locker and flies away rapidly, too quickly for you to do anything more than react after it already passed by.
Kassil: It disappears down the hallway you entered by.
Em boggles
Ananda looks after it. “Well, that was interesting.”
Em: Anyone have any way to track that crytsal ?
Alasdair blinks. “Well… okay, then.”
Alasdair: “I shudder to think where that’s going and what it will do once it’s there.”
Kassil: You’re left with a gun.
Kassil: It’s fairly nondescript, but doesn’t fit any model any of you recognise.
Kassil: The maker’s mark is a stylized ZX in a circle.
Ananda catches Alasdair’s attention with a small gesture and signs, ‘While we have a moment, could you do something about the blood on everyone? It …[several aborted half-signs]… smells. Strongly.’
Alasdair looks at Ananda for a beat, then nods. (Elemental/Control to stir up enough wind to dislodge the dried blood on himself, Serek, and Em, sweep it up, and deposit it into the violet crystal’s locker.)
Kassil: The air turns vaguely red for a few moments as crusted blood is violently swept around the room before it collects in a tidy pile in front of Em inside the locker.
Ananda nods satisfaction, ‘Thanks.’
Alasdair bows respectfully.
Alasdair: Is the only exit the way we came in?
Ananda: (Would ranks in Pistols & SMGs be any use for examining the ZX firearm?)
Kassil: There’s a regular person-scale door opposite the hallway.
Kassil: And what are you examining it for, Ananda?
Ananda: Whether it operates like a normal pistol, without firing it.
Kassil: It appears to be a normal, functional pistol. Without either trying to strip it down or fire it, you can’t tell much else.
Ananda tries to disassemble it.
Alasdair: What’s the designation of the room beyond the door?
Kassil: The room beyond the door is SOS-899-A, color yellow.
Kassil: Ananda, you can’t find any way to get the pistol apart.
Alasdair: “Careful with that. I sensed a mind in it.”
Ananda: “It seems to be a single piece.” If it has a safety, she’ll engage it, then pack the thing away.
Kassil: Curiously, it lacks a safety.
Kassil: Definitely has a trigger, though.
Ananda boxes it and stores the box so that the muzzle points down when she’s standing.
Em blinks “is there even a way to unload it?”
Kassil: Mmkay.
Kassil: Doing anything else in here?
Alasdair: “Is there even any obvious ammo?”
Ananda: I don’t think so.
Kassil: The locker only held the gun.
Kassil: Ananda couldn’t find a slide release.
Ananda: (I think we’re done in here?)
Em: (nods) (yah)
Alasdair: ( Unless we REALLY want what’s in the other 5 lockers, yes. )
Kassil: Then, before you to to the next room, whichever that might be, we’ll call the game here for this session.
Kassil: 165 CDP.
Alasdair: Okee.
Ananda: Yay, CDP.


Kassil Kassil

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