Western Montana; the mountains which once bordered on Glacier National Park. It was an unassuming area, left undisturbed as the Old World fell apart and the new order slowly came together; it remained that way until the N.W.S.E.C. sent an expedition to the area, exploring the ruins of nearby towns and defunct military bases, that the mysterious Site 17 came to light – an anomalous location, seemingly a missile silo, buried in the mountainside away from everything. Stranger yet was that initial probes didn’t find a bottom to the central silo, sonar and laser rangefinders finding nineteen floors before the returns simple stopped, as if vanishing into a hole.

A handful of researcher, scouts, and explorers have been assigned to the Site, and given free reign to explore as they will, with the understanding that anything found will be documented and returned to the Commission – a finder’s fee promised in addition to the regular stipend the researcher can draw upon.

What secrets lie hidden in the dark, abandoned halls of Site 17? Only time will tell…

Site 17

Kassil Jssra Karelzarath Ketziah Tierce